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ActiveX component (DLL) for sending and receiving SMS from PC using a GSM modem.
Very simple usage in Visual Basic, ASP, C#(.NET), C++, Access(VBA) etc.
Features: sending, receiving, status reports, long sms, binary sms (logo/ringing tones/ems), validity period, class, phonebook management, incoming calls forwarding and notification.
GSM modem compatibility: Audiotel Industrial, Modex USB, Falcom A2D, Nokia 7110/6210, Siemens MC35/TC35, Wavecom (customizabile for other GSM modems). Max 20 sms/minute. Help online available.
Suitable for web services, CRM applications, sales force support, automation (M2M, security, remote control, telemetry, environmental monitoring, automotive applications).

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